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Why should you create an ad?

Why should you create an ad? This is a good question indeed...

First of all this site has been made so that you can advertise anything, it is great for businesses because it gets them great coverage from within their local community which will increase their customers. People will be finding them who never knew that they existed, which is good right.

Locate is also able to offer free classified ads for people that are just looking to sell a few items because they have cleared out the garage. Locate classified ads have mostly the same features and appear in the same way as the business ads, except they don't show the full address for privacy reasons. You also cannot blog with a classified ad, because if you think about it that would be pointless.

Once you have created your ad, it instantly populates Locate's search pages so you are getting maxium coverage straight away. You can then login to your account where you can edit all of your personal info. On your left you will see all of your ads, I say all because once you have an account you can create as many as you like! Lets say that you click on the ad that you just created, you will be taken to a page which shows your ad as it would if you had found it by searching, the only difference is on your left you will have your control panel, which has lots of nice features including:

- edit your ad
- preview your ad (for use after you edit)
- view responses (this contains all the people that have responded to your ad via the email form.)
- post to your blog (to do what i am doing now)
- view what you have posted to your blog
- photo uploader (add pictures to your page to be seen by all)

Also if you have a website for your business, it is worth creating a page just so that you get a link back to your site. Locate allows your business page to contain a website link for every ad you make. This would increase the chances of your website being found in google and other popular search engines.

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Why should you create an ad?

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